Why learn to speak Russian online?

Learning Russian can be a real opportunity in many areas.

The number of English speakers in Russia being relatively low if you want to have to do with this country, it can be useful to speak Russian. So whether for professional or personal reasons, if you have to interact with Russian speakers, it may be necessary to speak Russian.

Moreover, for the same reason, if you are fluent in Russian, you can greatly increase your employability. Indeed, companies are looking for people who speak this language in order to be able to open up to the Russian market.

Finally, learning Russian will allow you to access the many cultural offers that this country offers. Whether it’s to see a play, listen to an opera or even learn about Russian literature, all the reasons are good for learning this magnificent language!

Now you have no more excuses not to learn Russian!

I can’t roll the R’s! So how can I learn Russian?

Who told you that it was mandatory to roll the Rs in Russian? Certainly not someone who wants you to progress in Russian! Indeed, even if Russian natives pronounce the r a lot in a rolled way, it is not mandatory.

Most foreigners learning Russian don’t roll their r’s when they speak. This will give you an accent that can be a real asset. Indeed, with an accent, you will show your interlocutors that you are not native.

They will then forgive you much more easily for any mistakes you may make and will put more energy into trying to understand you! So that’s a real plus!

Do you have to learn everything by heart to know Russian?

A very common idea about learning Russian is that it is necessary to have to learn everything by heart. This is FALSE! So yes, the more you want to be independent in Russian, the more concepts you have to learn by heart!

However, it is important to know that many people speak approximate Russian! This means that they make many pronunciation mistakes or even grammar and conjugation mistakes. However, in 90% of cases, they manage to make themselves understood.

This will allow you to finalize a contract with a large Russian industrial group or simply to have a good time with the local population!

How are Russian lessons organised?

Our Russian courses take place online using various tools:

  • Skype
  • Google Meetings
  • Telegram


How can I pay for the lessons?

You can pay via PayPal, Webmoney

Can I request a refund?

Yes, if you pay in advance
No, if the lesson has already been taken

How do I write the Cyrillic alphabet on my computer?

Do you want to take Russian lessons online, but you don’t know how to do it because of your keyboard with Latin letters? Do not panic ! It is quite possible that you modify the settings of your computer, tablet or smartphone, temporarily, so that you can write in the Cyrillic alphabet.
To do this, it all depends on your operating system. If you are on Mac OS, all you have to do is go to the system preferences. All you have to do is select the keyboard icon, then input method. You then choose Russian from the drop-down menu.
If you are on Windows, you must go to the control panel window. You then only have to select the sub-section “language, clock and region” then “change the input methods”. Then choose the Cyrillic alphabet!


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